Deborah "Zuke" Smith

Founder, Vocal Coach, and Artist Mentor at ZukeTunes LLC; New York City

In 2008 I decided to get some more training as a vocal coach and found myself south of the Mason Dixon line in Nashville, TN. For my fellow Yankees out there, you can understand that I felt like I was on an alien planet. Thankfully, the first coach I was assigned to was Chris Keller. I walked in and he asked what I wanted to sing. Since I grew up on rock I said, “um ... how about Led Zeppelin?” He howled and said something like “This is amazing! It’s going to be like rocking out with someone my mom’s age!” His honest and playful attitude made me feel like I was back home among people who don’t hold back what they’re thinking. Chris turned me on to Chris Cornell and I had one of the best lessons in my life!
Chris will take your voice to places you never knew existed - even for those of you who are his mom’s age!”
— Deborah "Zuke" Smith

Photo courtesy of:  Giuseppo Lopizzo

Photo courtesy of: Giuseppo Lopizzo

Giuseppe Lopizzo

Vocal Coach; Italy

I am an Italian singer and vocal coach. I still remember my first lesson with Chris, years ago, when I understood things about my voice that noone had explained me that well until that moment. I learnt a lot from him and he still is an inspiration for my lessons with my student and for me as a performer.
— Giuseppe Lopizzo

Photo courtesy of  Ken Taylor Vocal Coach

Photo courtesy of Ken Taylor Vocal Coach

Ken Taylor

Vocal Coach and founder of Singing Tips Community; Orlando, Florida

Being a teacher as well as an eternal student of singing, I’ve sought after the most talented coaches in the industry to learn from and emulate. Chris “tension-killer” Keller is one of my favorites. If you feel heavy or overworked as a singer, do yourself a favor and schedule a lesson with Chris. You won’t be sorry.
— Ken Taylor

Photo Courtesy of Your  Vocal Yoga In Motion: Vocal Studio

Photo Courtesy of Your Vocal Yoga In Motion: Vocal Studio

Gregory Sankowich

Vocal Coach and founder of Vocal Yoga Vocal Studio; New Jersey

I have studied with Christopher Keller since 2010 and I can only say that there is NO better. As a voice diagnostician and professional performer myself, like many, I have seen my fair share of too-good-to-be-true promises from so many other teachers who only seemed to complicate things. Chris has a very practical and digestible approach and I promise his methodology will set you in the right direction. Voice lesson without algebra. Guaranteed.
— Gregory Sankowich

Photo Courtesy of:  Khris Miller Music

Photo Courtesy of: Khris Miller Music

Khris Miller

Artist, Music Instructor at Khris Miller Music and School Of Rock; Nashville, Tennessee

Christoper Keller has transformed my voice! I appreciate that he doesn’t give busy exercises that aren’t going to get you anywhere. His teaching is practical and completely applicable. Chris meets you where you are at to train your voice in the direction you want to go. He instruction has made me a confident vocalist, and it’s because of him that I am pursuing singing my own music. Plus, Chris is also a monster vocalist!
— Khris Miller

Photo Courtesy of  Gigasound Productions

Photo Courtesy of Gigasound Productions

Tom Camp

Songwriter and Engineer at Gigasound Productions; New Jersey

Chris Keller played a major role in helping me find my voice. After spending years playing instruments, writing music, and going through singer after singer in bands, I finally threw in the towel and decided to begin my vocal studies. At this point, my friends and colleagues laughed at this idea since my natural singing voice was so horrible. My one friend even said to just accept that you can play every instrument and will never be able to sing. You will always need a singer.

Within my first lesson with Chris he identified the strengths in my voice, exploited and began fixing the weaknesses and helped give me the confidence I needed in finding my voice. By the end of the first lesson he helped me begin to neutralize my larynx position and increased my range immensely. Chris helped me along my journey in becoming a vocalist.
— Tom Camp

Photo Courtesy of Mirkka  Liesmäki

Photo Courtesy of Mirkka Liesmäki

Mirkka Liesmäki

Artist; Finland

I’ve been going from vocal coach to vocal coach until I found Chris. I’ve been taking lessons with him for over a year now. During our first lesson, he told me my biggest vocal weakness none of my previous teachers had ever told me, my speaking voice. Before, when I’d talk for a while, I’d feel pain in my throat. And now the pain is gone. Working on my speaking also had a huge impact on my singing. Before Chris, my voice throat would feel really tired and hurt the following morning after a lesson or singing, even with a warm down. These days, I can sing for hours and wake up with a refreshed voice. Chris won’t give you the quick fix you want to hear, even though he could. He will give you the permanent fix.
— Mirkka Liesmäki