Welcome to Chris Keller Vx Studios. 

Chris Keller coaches stars. With Amanda Brown (top-5 finisher on The Voice), Natalie Mendoza (Broadway and film actress), Michael "Jag" Jagmin (A Skylit Drive), Pam Tillis (country music singer) on his client roster — among others — his vocal coaching effectiveness is indisputable.

He constructs voices from the ground up by working on simple sounds and relaxation to make all his students feel at ease — from beginners to touring professionals. If building a unique style is your focus, he also offers his approach to creating a more commercial and artistic sound. He can help you realize your artistic vision, whatever that may be.

If you already have a style and are worried Chris will change what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, don’t fret. His work not only helps develop a style and vocal technique, but also helps established singers who have already achieved a unique style. Working with thousands of clients, he has developed a unique approach to help artists build stamina for touring, play longer shows and demonstrate more accuracy in the studio. With this approach, you will retain the soul and personality your fans already love.

Chris specializes in classic rock, R&B, country, and Broadway styles, and has spent years coaching and performing in New York City and Nashville. He started out of college coaching as a Brett Manning Master Associate on world famous Music Row in Nashville, building his coaching skills and experience.

He is currently a singer-songwriter by the name Douglas Warren. Chris earned his vocal and music degree from Middle Tennessee State University and currently resides in Nashville where he coaches, produces and performs.

Stop worrying about high notes. Become a singer. Chris teaches over Skype or in-person in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. 

Lessons are available in person and through Skype